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Holistic solutions

WMS makes all business processes convenient and is particularly suitable for management, control and operation of intra-logistics.



In assistance with COGLAS Query-Technology the user needs are possible due to a customized application of the standard core.


Reduced training needs

The resulting benefits are reflected in a quick implementation and reduced training needs of the staff.
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COGLAS Logistic Solution

Competence in warehouse management

Warehouse management
All standard functions in the warehouse
The physical warehouse structure is covered up to the last storage bin. Warehouse functions run optimized due to the virtual settings.
Order picking
Measure up the performance of the warehouse
Software that creates optimal conditions starting with order management, through relocation to the order picking.
Forklift management system
Overview and editing of the transport orders
Mobile & Web Solutions increase the speed and the quality of physical job and provide the information for control to the staff.
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Material flow control
The impressive Background-Engine
The material flow in the warehouse is optimally planned in cooperation with all conceivable warehouse techniques and taking into account options and restrictions.
Termination of processes in the warehouse
The goods are stored and transported in storage units, so that the reservations of goods can be made independently of storage locations or internal transports.
Production logistics
Support of all transport and storage processes
The software plans, controls and monitors during the production of providing material, for example, from raw and auxiliary materials and purchased components.

COGLAS Warehouse Management
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Optimum control of intralogistics

The comprehensive know-how and the 30 years of experience in logistics and IT guarantee the implementation of complex logistics requirements in practice-oriented solutions. Try the advantages and functions of our software on our demo page without obligation and for free. If you have any questions, we are always available and happy about your contact.
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  • Detailed requirement analysis and consulting in project planning
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