Just start in the new Web WMS

Cost savings

Low usage fees

The software implementation takes place without preparatory infrastructure measures and without the need of an internal IT-administration.


Reduced training needs

The resulting benefits are reflected in a quick implementation and reduced training needs of the staff.
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Data protection

Minimized IT-security risks

The server location in Germany guarantees a high level of data security and compliance with data protection regulations in accordance with the German law.

The cloud

to touch.

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The future of warehouse logistics definitely belongs to the Web WMS! According to various studies and articles, the logistics industry recognizes the advantages of web-based solutions. Try our software for free!

Safety. Time savings. Clarity.

Real-time synchronization

Bi-directional, real-time synchronization of stock and transaction data between all devices enables up-to-the-minute information on:

  • Dashboard numbers
  • Stock overview and storage space allocation
  • Resources status
  • Order status

Platform independence

Your COGLAS cloud warehouse management system can be used:

  • On all operating systems – iOS, Android, Windows or Linux
  • On all devices – smartphone, tablet, notebook and handhelds
  • In all Evergreen browsers, such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari and IE
  • With all established databases
New modules and functionalities are always available immediately. Large, often problematic and system-failed release updates are avoided through running updates.
The fact that we as SaaS providers are particularly challenged to retain our customers in the long term, guarantees you constant development, optimization and modernization of the product.
If the cloud or SaaS model are unwelcome for some reason, we also offer our application as an in-house solution with or without a license.

Real profits through high usability

  • Simple designed processes ensure quick introduction
  • Ease of use ensured by clear, well thought-out input forms
  • Realistic 3D warehouse display transforms complex data into convenient and intuitive visual information
  • Visualization of all processes from stock maintenance, warehouse management through deposit processing and order picking and to the goods issue
  • A modern dashboard for configuring and customizing of the user interface
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Software as a Service

Low usage fees instead of high one-time investments

The economic advantages of our SaaS storage software are quite obvious: the formerly necessary high initial investments in software and hardware are eliminated. The software implementation takes place without preparatory infrastructure measures and without the need of an internal IT-administration. Thus the implementation process is much faster and cheaper than the traditional license model, which is associated with high economic risks and a certain dependency on investments made in advance.

Elimination of ongoing operating costs

Cost savings occur not only during the start-up phase but also during the use, as our usage-based pricing model guarantees transparent and easily calculable running costs. Also you do not have to worry about maintaining the hardware or updating the application because your monthly fees include all updates and upgrades. The version updates are automatically imported so that on the one hand there are no system failures or interruptions of the current process, but at the same time you always have your software up to date.

Contemporary solution

Another advantage is the fact that our software has been completely redeveloped to meet the current needs of your logistic company in a more timely manner than self-developed solutions or obsolete warehouse management systems. Our modern warehouse management system represents the processes that were not feasible or economically viable with old technologies.

Optimum control of intralogistics

The comprehensive know-how and the 30 years of experience in logistics and IT guarantee the implementation of complex logistics requirements in practice-oriented solutions. Test without obligation and for free the advantages and functions of our software on our demo page. If you have any questions, we are always available and happy about your contact.
  • Customized design for all devices and screen sizes
  • Detailed requirement analysis and consulting in project planning
  • Telephone customer support and remote maintenance for your request

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