Keeping an eye on every product through the warehouse management system

The COGLAS warehouse management system helps to organise your warehouse effectively making your logistics processes safe and efficient, so you always know where your products are stored.

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Complete transparency in your warehouse

The COGLAS WEB WMS is a comprehensive solution for all your warehouse management needs. In this system, your warehouse structure is mapped very realistically, including everything from the overall warehouse to the storage shelves down to the very last square metre.

Maintain your inventory according to quantity and status as well as a multitude of other attributes. Create bundles and batches and use storage and retrieval strategies such as FIFO and LIFO in order to be able to supply your customers with the right goods on time.

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    Your own warehouse structures
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    For all warehouse processes
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    Many additional features
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    Multi-client systems
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Individual warehouse structure

By first instructing the system about the layout of your warehouse you are able to use intelligent functions such as guided order processing including route optimisation, thus minimising transport times.
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Easy-to-use controls

User interfaces and dialogues have been designed to be as user-friendly and straightforward as possible. Your employees will quickly find their way around the system and your investment will pay off quickly.
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Up-to-date inventory data

All warehouse areas and types are displayed centrally in one place in dashboard interface. It only takes a few simple clicks to display the current inventory for each warehouse area.

Meeting even the greatest demands

The COGLAS-WMS is more than just a warehouse management system. It also offers efficient functions for companies with intricate logistical processes and extensive warehouse facilities for more process efficiency – from incoming goods through order processing and relocation to shipping. Transport systems such as industrial conveyors and forklifts can be managed and used for automated planning of material flow.

Additionally, companies that provide logistical solutions on commission for their clients are able to monitor and manage each individual step and directly invoice their services through COGLAS. This also includes the accounting of storage costs at the press of a button.

A finely tuned authorization management system has been integrated into the software in order to make your processes more secure and user-friendly. This allows individual accounting and display permissions to be authorised for each individual employee. The system also allows for the use of numerous interfaces to third-party systems.

  • Permission Management

    Within this system, you are able to specify exactly which employee has what kind of access and which corresponding permissions. Thus, allowing them to each only access and view the functions they need and while avoiding booking errors.
  • Core Data Management

    You can manage your product as well as business partner core data through a centralised system. Furthermore, hazardous materials and transportation equipment such as forklifts and other industrial conveyors can be managed.
  • Partner access portal for external partners

    Provide your business partners with the opportunity to view their balances and transactions in a separate system. As a result, transparency is increased and time for communication is minimized.

Other processes

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