Proper packaging
fast shipping

With COGLAS logistics software you can optimise your packaging and shipping processes and deliver your products to their destination on time with an integrated freight service provider connection.

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COGLAS streamlines your
shipping process

The packaging dashboard will guide you through every step of the packaging process: Choose the appropriate order and distribute the items to the desired boxes or pallets, while the automatic quantity comparison function will ensure that the delivery is complete.

The orders are then grouped according to routes and operators for shipping. All relevant shipping documents can be conveniently printed directly from within the dashboard while the final delivery scan ensures that nothing has been mixed up.

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    Packaging dashboard
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    Includes delivery scan
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    Your own warehouse/shipping units
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    Supports a wide range of shipping service providers
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Integration with parcel service providers

You can send your shipping orders electronically to courier and parcel service providers, thus reducing the risk of potential losses and delivery delays.
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Including document printing

You can print all shipping documents – delivery notes, packaging lists, consignment notes or shipping labels – directly from within the COGLAS software with just one click.
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Flawless shipping

With the help of verification and monitoring mechanisms and an optimised allocation of units, COGLAS ensures that every order is delivered correctly.

A comprehensive solution
for transport and shipping

Regardless if internal logistics or external shipping: With the COGLAS logistics software the correct items will reach their destination on time.

Clean inventory management with reliable information on quantity, status and availability is the cornerstone of this system. Inventory is recorded in storage units and managed regardless of the actual storage location – individually and according to your individual requirements, e.g. with Euro and industrial pallets or wire mesh crates.

Through the integrated order management, you are then able to prepare the items for transport or shipping. The system monitors the retrieval and loading of the goods onto the transport vehicles, while taking weight restrictions into account. Preliminary shipment planning is also available. With the COGLAS web interface the shipment can be easily tracked.

  • Transport tracking

    You can conveniently track the status of each shipment via a web interface. The recipient of the goods can also see where his delivery is at any given time.
  • Automated delivery planning

    The COGLAS Transport module also allows you to plan your merchandise and shipping orders as shipments as well as automated pre-touring.
  • Possibility to integrate scales

    Alongside the ability to measure the dimensions of individual shipping units, it is also possible to connect a scale for weight recording.

Other processes

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