Quick commissioning
– without errors

The COGLAS commissioning system enables you to find any article within minutes and always supply your customers on time.

Kommissionierung und Versand von Waren

You will be guided to your desired goal

Our software will guide you to the correct location of any of your products on your smartphone. Simply start the COGLAS app and select the item you are currently searching for. The system will then guide you on the screen on the most optimal route to the correct storage location. Once you reach your destination, you then scan the corresponding bar code with your smartphone, automatically placing the right product in the shopping cart. You can even choose to pick a single order or several at the same time – COGLAS supports Multi-Pick and ensures that deliveries are not being mistakenly mixed.

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    Determine warehouse layout
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    Optimized pathfinding
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    Mobile devices support
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    Single and Multi-Pick
Screenshot des COGLAS WEB WMS der Maske Kommissionierung Multi-Pick Smartphone
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Lightning fast delivery

You will be efficiently guided to the right storage location on your smartphone. Pick-times are reduced significantly, and the goods will be shipped more quickly.
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Reducing errors and costs

Reduce the error rate during goods inwards control as the system is able to synchronise orders and articles in real time thus preventing errors in the warehouse.
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Start right away

Use your smartphone or tablet for order processing and barcode scanning as well as for all other functions of the COGLAS software solution.

Always deliver
the correct product

Quick commissioning should never take place at the expense of quality. Improper handling during article withdrawals will ultimately lead to returns and thus to a loss in customer confidence and trust. Because of that, COGLAS will support you in several different ways in order to avoid faulty deliveries.

For instance, the system recognizes an incorrectly stored product. During the confirmation of the order it compares the scanned article number with the article number of the order and notices a deviation. An error message is displayed to the operator, who will then only be able to complete the respective order if the correct goods are available. This is particularly useful in the case of batches or perishable products, as it spares you additional effort and expenses for quality controls.

With the introduction of the COGLAS logistics software you will notice a reduction of reclamations and returns. Likewise, your inventory will potentially be simplified significantly because fewer inventory differences will have accumulated.

  • Voice supported

    You have your hands full right now? No worries. Have the COGLAS logistics software read the order to you, through Pick by Voice.
  • Smart features

    The system uses product data to automatically determine the required order units to be packaged - whether for one order or for several orders simultaneously.
  • Systematic picking

    Specific requirements for individual items or orders are taken into account during withdrawal. For example, the removal from storage according to FIFO and LIFO is also supported.

Other processes

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