Fully automated material flow control

Interruptions in intralogistics systems can be expensive. With the COGLAS logistics software you will be able to optimise the material flow control in of your warehouse.

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Be it faster, slower, pause or stop, the material flow controller can automatically coordinate your logistics systems such as shelves and conveyor systems, as well as packaging systems to ensure a smooth logistics workflow. This avoids bottlenecks and backlogs without slowing down subsequent processes such as shipping or production. Furthermore, all processes can be monitored and controlled in real time on screen.

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True automation

COGLAS is your solution to true warehouse automation, offering faster process times, lower process costs and reduced error rates.
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Tried-and-tested technology

Over the past 30 years, COGLAS has been developing innovative software solutions for warehouse logistics. Our systems have been used by a multitude of well-known companies all over Germany.
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High compatibility

Our material flow control system uses standard interfaces making it possible to integrate it into any existing warehouse structure. All common system types are supported.

The material flow control system
serves as a central control module

As your warehouse becomes more sophisticated, so do the challenges: Systems for pallet and container conveyor technology, automated storage and retrieval systems, carousel warehouse solutions, packaging systems and sensor technology all have to work in harmony in order to ensure a smooth flow of products. In order to achieve such a smooth flow, a central control system such as the material flow control system (MFC) by COGLAS is indispensable. By receiving current process flow data and analysing the data, the system is able to control the material flow at a high level. In this process, the system recognizes critical situations such as jammed pathways.

On the basis of this input, the control system optimises the flow of materials and sends control signals back to the individual system modules to ensure a seamless logistics chain. Warehouse employees are able to monitor the current material flow on screen. Additionally, the system can easily visualise diagrams with your own warehouse layout, bottlenecks, loops and transition nodes, allowing users to intervene throughout the process if necessary.

  • Keeping an eye on your processes

    Track the flow of your goods in your warehouse in real time on the screen. The material flow control system can graphically visualise all logistical processes using coloured diagrams.
  • Direct intervention

    If necessary, intervene directly and control logistical processes with a mouse click. All commands are forwarded directly from the material flow computer to your plants.
  • Control individually

    The material flow control system can be adjusted to your individual requirements. Logistical flows are optimally aligned to your warehouse structure.

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