Top speed for
goods inwards

The COGLAS logistics software allows you to complete the goods inwards process in a matter of seconds, thus enabling quick processing.

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Keeping you informed of
everything that is coming in

Within the COGLAS-WMS, submitting an order to your supplier is only a few clicks away. In the process, additional individual data can be stored for each respective item in order to simplify the assignment of goods inwards. Additionally, delivery instructions such as the requested time of delivery can be entered. The booking of goods can then proceed in two different ways. On the one hand as goods inwards with a purchase order reference and shipping notification or manually as unplanned goods inwards.

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    Manage purchase orders
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    Create delivery documents
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    Your own product data
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    Unplanned & planned goods inwards
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Fool proof processes

A brief training is enough to get you started. This will enable your employees to know how to create orders, enter delivery documents and register goods receipts.
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Quick allocation of goods

Users can instantly view product data and product images in the acquisition dashboard. This allows the relevant order or item to be found quickly.
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High Flexibility

In the case of urgent customer orders, delivered products can be forwarded directly from goods inwards to your shipping department for fast shipment (cross docking).

The right solution
for every situation

The COGLAS logistics software maps the goods inwards process digitally and provides your employees with smart features. Thus, every goods inwards process can be executed safely and efficiently.

One of the most essential elements in this process are the functions for quality assurance: you can define checklists for your employees to be processed during any delivery. As a result, no verification process is ever overlooked, and new employees immediately know exactly what to do. Keep a record of each item’s current status on your mobile phone and upload images directly to the system for ordering.

Complex inspection processes with internal rearrangement into restricted inventory are supported by the system as well. Workflows with email notification can also be set up on demand, making collaboration easier, especially in large-scale warehouses.

  • Safe and secure using checklists

    Determine and define individual inspection processes at goods inwards in detailed digital checklists. Your employees will then have to process and confirm each individual step within the process.
  • Initiate subsequent processes

    After goods inwards, you can immediately initiate subsequent processes such as shipping to the intended storage location or to the production location.
  • Instant billing

    Being a logistics service provider for external clients, allows you to invoice your services on a value basis. In order to be able to do this, you can enter your rates and services manually within the system.

Other processes

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