Increased efficiency with
a forklift control system

Driver 4 to Gate 1, please! The forklift control and guidance system is designed to instruct your drivers precisely making your internal transfers faster and more reliable.

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So your drivers always
know where they need to go

Without having to take the hands off the wheel, your forklift driver will know where he will be needed next with a quick look at the guidance monitor – the COGLAS forklift control system makes it possible. Based on your current work orders, the system determines the internal transfer requirements for the entire day and sends your crew up-to-date transportation instructions at the appropriate time. This ensures that your pallets and packages always reach their destination on time – even if you are out of the warehouse.

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    For fork-lift vehicles
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    With GPS tracking
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    For mobile devices
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    Data in real time
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Smart Planning

The system knows your warehouse layout taking into account the characteristics of your vehicles and articles, thus ensuring time and cost efficient and reliable logistics.
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Total relief

Fewer questions, less running, less stress: Save valuable time with automated transport planning and take care of more important business.
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100% transparency

Real-time transport tracking allows you to locate each individual item at any given time. The exact location of your forklift vehicles can be tracked in real time via GPS as well.

The forklift control system
has everything in sight

The COGLAS forklift control system monitors current warehouse movements and knows exactly where items need to be relocated in the near future. Furthermore, it knows the limitations of every individual forklift truck and can therefore derive optimal transport orders. The system also locates the positions of your forklift vehicles either through wireless technology or through the last scanned barcode.

In order to map the actual movement of your items within the system, it uses one or two-stage transport orders. For single-stage transfers, the confirmation takes place immediately after the transfer order has been created, whereas for two-step processing, the time of creation and confirmation are set apart indefinitely. In order to keep the supply chains flexible, both the source and the destinations are handled as separate transfer orders by the system.

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    Including detailed vehicle management

    The system lets you define your corridor vehicles with important parameters such as loading area, payload and type allowing for fully optimized planning.
  • Flexible transport orders

    Inbound and outbound transfer are carried out using separate transfer orders, ensuring full flexibility of your supply chain at all times.
  • Clear and transparent representation

    Your employees will be provided with a user-friendly and self-explanatory representation of the movements as well as pending tasks and will always be guided by the system.

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