Warehouse management

The warehouse management in COGLAS organizes the classic warehouse functions, from goods receipt to goods issue and inventory.

The COGLAS WMS is also a warehouse management system. In this function it is first of all a system for managing stocks and locations and their relationship to each other. In addition this is the management of the transport systems.


Whatever a warehouse looks like, the COGLAS WMS is able to manage the topology of all existing warehouses with their specific characteristics in the background.


The software represents an individual storage bin through the 14-digit coordinate. Bins with the same characteristics can be grouped into zones. The zones may include, for example, storage areas and types of the storage as well as weight restrictions. In addition it is possible to define the access authorizations for the staff, industrial trucks, stacker cranes, material handling equipment and dangerous goods. A single storage bin can belong to n-zones. In addition, the complete storage unit control system is processed to the storage bins via the zones.


At the beginning of each activity the software generates a receipt – for example, with time, location, and material information – and stores it in the database. The process end is also acknowledged. So the system always records the complete order.


The obtained data form the basis for problem-free tracking and tracing and storage fee accounting is available at the push of a button.


Since the COGLAS WMS clearly separates the stocks and the inputs of the users, a warehouse can be used efficiently for different clients.

Using the COGLAS goods receipt module, it is possible to collect goods from suppliers and from production orders as well as return deliveries. Goods receipts can be planned in a warehouse complex or unplanned.


Stock-qualifying characteristics such as the best before date, as well as batch and serial numbers and other customer-specific information can be recorded as a part of a goods receipt.


The COGLAS module offers quality assurance options due to multiple classifications, graphics (photos, videos, drawings) and default values. So the items to be stored can be checked for certain quality guidelines when receiving the goods. An example of this is the presupposed quality guidelines of an item, such as the remaining term. In the case of a negative result the software displays the storage units for the warehouse clerk separately. As a result it will store the delivery separately or refuse to accept it, as agreed.


Goods issue includes the loading of the packaged goods and their dispatch inventory.
It will be provided based on the receiver, order, carrier, tour or on the date of delivery.


Acknowledgement can also be generated with the loading or pick-up scan to different receivers, for example, DESADV to the end customer.


In case of missing parts it is possible to load directly the delivered goods again via Crossdocking.


In the goods issue loading equipment and other packaging can be detected automatically or manually.

The COGLAS WMS supports the key date inventory, the zero-flow inventory, the permanent inventory and the sample inventory. The system carries out inventories by items or the warehouse. The basic quantity of the items or storage bins to be used for the inventory can be defined by an external system, for example an ERP system, or by the COGLAS WMS. Inventory stocks can be reported absolutely, that is as a complete quantity or partially as a difference quantity.


The software transfers the inventory orders to transport orders and distributes them for processing according to the principle of goods-to-man or man-to-goods. When the transport requests are processed, the system records the counted quantities. If significant deviations occur compared to the system inventory, the inventory manager can be informed and a second count initiated. If the entered quantities are correct, the difference quantity is posted to the storage bin.


During the inventory the system continues to work normally. In this case a storage bin can go through zero by the transfer order processing of the delivery orders. The system automatically recognizes and processes or confirms the inventory transport order for the storage bin.


The report generator can be used to print out inventory results as well as count and difference lists.

Through tracking and tracing the COGLAS WMS meets the increasing demand to be able to query information about the current location of goods at any time. Therefore, depending on the refinement of all logistics locations, the system can always provide information about where which storage units are located. And this internally and externally. The tracking of a storage unit starts with its creation and ends with its archiving. Even after months it is always understandable what has happened to a storage unit in terms of inventory and material flow.

The service billing consists of such components as material movement, storage rental and service. All stock movements, activities and work in the management software can lead to accounting items that can be used for billing in freely definable periods.


The stock movement accounting is based on quantities and price thresholds as well as on the distinction between goods receipts, picking and goods issue postings, for example.


When determining the storage rent, the software applies procedures such as sliding average or monthly maximum value. The basis of evaluation here are the load carriers, such as Euro or industrial pallets, or the item itself.


Logistics services include, among other things, manufacturing processes or manually recorded services – applying labels, stripping pallets, QS inspection in goods receipt. The accounting runs can take place in a freely definable period. Account assignments to cost centers or various invoice recipients are possible. All billing data is automatically stored by the COGLAS WMS every day. The conditions for all billing types are stored by the software for each client as a price matrix. This data can be automatically transferred to financial accounting or billing systems via interfaces.


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