Packing, shipping and transporting complete the activities in the warehouse and are a natural part of the COGLAS Logistic Suite.

The COGLAS WMS is also the right solution for the transport of goods within the supply chain. Thus the software controls and monitors the prefetching of general cargo and packages to the hub and the corresponding loading on long-distance traffic. The delivery of the goods with delivery proofs, refusal of acceptance and many other business cases are also taken over by the software, which thus functions as a close connection to the order management and the tour planning.


Merchandise management and forwarding orders can also be planned as shipments with the WMS module COGLAS® Transport. After the availability check of an order, the software creates the shipment, which is automatically pre-booked or scheduled for a relation.


COGLAS® Transport makes it possible to schedule a shipment based on maintained item master data. This forecast may contain information at the shipment header level. Examples include the total weight, the total volume and the number of packages as well as dangerous goods information according to dangerous goods transport regulations at the the package item level. In loading pre-planning, the transport vehicles are created as a resource in COGLAS® Warehouse Management. Thus weight restrictions can be planned and scheduled for each axle and each load meter or by volume.


Afterwards the software transfers the data to a tour planning or forwarding system. After this tours are complete COGLAS® Transport takes over the prescribed tours for loading.


The systems exchange data on shipments and shipment items with each other, as well as process status information. The data transfer runs via the standard interface COGLAS® DataExchange. Thus individual information from other systems can also be standardized in COGLAS® Transport.

The COGLAS WMS forms storage units for storing or transporting 1 to n items with different stock qualifications. Examples include picking and transport storage units and shipping storage units with packages and containers in the warehouse, such as euro and industrial pallets, lattice boxes and small load carriers.


On storage units the stocks are managed independently of storage locations.


A distinction is made between “homogeneous storage units” and “inhomogeneous storage units”. Homogeneous storage units, which serve the depiction of full pallets, “inherit” the properties of the respective item. Inhomogeneous storage units are used for mapping of mixed pallets and packages.


Transport storage units are used to transport the items during storage, relocation and retrieval.


Container storage units, which include, for example, pallets, containers, trays and lattice boxes, are used to store the items. From the container storage units the items are packed for shipping. Each shipping unit is thus a package of the respective delivery. The shipping storage units include amongst other things pallets and shipping boxes.

The shipping types are defined in the order management and can be determined by freight cost optimizations. Deliveries are made via direct traffic and CEP service providers or as general cargo. Alternatively the customers pick up the goods themselves.


The system generates client-specific – according to the goods recipient requirements and, where appropriate, in combination with the shipping label – SSCC label and RFID label.


The shipper can also generate the shipping label himself via a web portal and send a shipping notification to the goods recipient. Since all outgoing packages are scanned during loading, the corresponding data are available to the carrier via an interface as a daily statements.


Since shipping labels can be generated at different logistic times, the software supports both the Pick-Pack-Ship philosophy and the pure shipping place. The printing of pure address labels is also possible. The same applies to the acquisition of the geometric data of a shipping unit, the automatic integration of a scale for weight determination after packaging and the provision of the shipping unit for tours or carriers. The shipping confirmation including a difference list of leftover packages is also shown.


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