Production logistics

The COGLAS WMS supports all in-house transport, transshipment and warehouse processes in production logistics.

The COGLAS WMS supplies production based on planned orders and routings, which the software receives from the higher-level production planning and control system. COGLAS converts planned orders into production orders and distribute them together with the production routings. According to the respective work plan COGLAS manages and controls the assembly to the end product based on the calculated time required for the individual production steps.

The COGLAS WMS can be used to check and release both palletized and loose goods from production, as well as to collect them in the corresponding storage area or forward them directly to the goods issue.

The supply of kanban parts for assembly can also be initiated via the COGLAS WMS. Either the barcodes of the kanban cards are scanned or the replenishment is triggered about the consumption by RFID-based messages.

If an operator supplies his assembly lines with tugger trains, their tractors, like all industrial trucks, can be controlled via COGLAS. In this respect the WMS helps to reduce the volume of traffic compared with the use of forklift trucks and to increase safety and economic efficiency.

If a customer wants additional services, such as display constructions for retailers, packaging of customer-specific loading units or assortment production, COGLAS order management plans and executes the corresponding production steps based on routings and BOMs.


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