Material flow control

The COGLAS material flow control system is the ingenious background engine that optimally plans the material flow in the warehouse in cooperation with all imaginable warehouse technologies and taking into account options and restrictions.

Storage and material handling equipment can be integrated into the WMS via the material flow computer of the COGLAS WMS and thus automatically control material flows in warehouses and distribution centers. The prerequisites for this are fulfilled by the MFC through highly configurable interfaces and strategies.


The MFC receives transport commands and converts them into individual commands for the various system components. A buffer section management ensures that the MFC can react flexibly to all situations and, for example, can bypass temporarily blocked partial routes. The determination of the corresponding values is based on feedback from programmable logic controllers, barcode scanners and other sensors. Processes and the topology are visualized with all the buffer sections through the graphical user interface, loops and transfer points, so that the user can intervene directly. The connection is possible both via Ethernet with TCP/IP protocol, OPC server, SoftPLC or serially based on the RK512 protocol.


The MFC ensures that all business processes in the warehouse run smoothly. It structures all goods movements and communicates with the system components.


The solution combines pallet and container conveyor technology, stacker cranes, carousel bearings, packaging lines, data transmission and sensor technology from different manufacturers and is thus a central component of a fully automated warehouse.


Thanks to the integration of the COGLAS material flow computer into the warehouse management system, automation and warehouse management merge into a perfectly coordinated unit. In addition the work processes are optimized down to the last detail and easily visualized.

The COGLAS WMS also has a standardized warehouse control, which ensures a time- and-route-optimized interaction of technology and warehouse staff when executing bearing clearance and transport orders. Due to such optimizations, which are based on many years of experience, the software avoids the waste of resources.


The COGLAS warehouse control system transfers the transfer orders (with source and destination) from the inventory-managing system via standardized data interfaces and groups the orders among other things for duplicate clearance as well as according to picking zones and priorities. Supported by the system, employees are assigned the appropriate technical aids for the orders.


Through the use of the COGLAS WMS the inventory-managing system is meaningfully supplemented without reprogramming. The user benefits from an efficient and verifiable execution of the transport orders from the goods receipt via the order picking to the goods issue.


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