Forklift control system

Mobile & Web Solutions increase the speed and quality of physical work and provide senior management with timely information for control and intervention.

Goods movements are processed by the WMS without exception via one- or two-stage transfer orders. According to the one-step method it is immediately acknowledged after the transfer order has been created. In the case of two-stage processing the times of creation and acknowledgment differ indefinitely.


To flexibly map transport chains, the software creates a separate transport order for the source storage bin and the destination bin. To allocate stocks to the receipt storage bin and to reserve to the issue storage bin, the system uses two separate stock accounts.


In the case of two-step processing, resource management activates the transport orders. In addition the WMS differentiates between goods management transport orders (for example, order picking or goods issue) and transfer orders from the material flow calculator.

Mobile applications for track and trace forms the basis of goods movements for mapping and controlling of the multi-media storages and transport handling warehouses.


This is not just about web applications that are handled via the Internet, such as shipping label printing, but also about the connection via GPRS / UMTS for delivery of packages to end customers.


These mobile applications are needed to report the transfer of risk, for example, in the case of an extended workbench or the outsourcing of material supply for assembly.


In conjunction with the event manager for generating an outbound mail / SMS the transparency and timely information of the goods recipient are guaranteed in the case of non-presence during delivery.

The transport requirements for the material handling equipment can be stored beyond the day with the help of the forklift control system. The system creates an overview from the combination of current transports and transport requirements as well as taking into account restrictions related to different truck types and ensures optimal processing of the transport orders. The forklift control system locates the industrial trucks via radio cells or with the last barcode scan.


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